Growing the Economy
Advocating for Equality
Protecting the Environment
Supporting Public Education

Bridge the Gaps

Growing The Economy

Arizona’s job growth has fallen below the nation’s national rate. According to an article in The Republic dated January 19, 2017, Arizona gained only 6,300 net jobs in December closing 2016, with half the growth seen in 2015, and is falling below the nation’s overall pace. In my opinion, the best way to grow the Arizona economy is by properly funding state higher education and allowing in-state tuition for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.

Education is an economic issue

According to former President Barack Obama, Education is an economic issue when nearly eight in ten new jobs will require workforce training or higher education by the end of this decade. Education is an economic issue when we know countries that out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow.

Support small local businesses

I will support legislation that allows start-ups and small local businesses to obtain the capital they need to grow their business infrastructure because it is vital for the economic growth of our communities. The government should not impose burdensome regulations that inhibit the growth of small businesses. One political issue that plays a major role in the success and failures of local communities  is  tax law.

Re-evaluate the tax code

The collection of taxes does allow the government to provide critical services to society. However, too high a tax rate can stifle growth. Lowering taxes can, in the right circumstance, provide many benefits to local communities. Currently, our small businesses are the hardest hit by the pandemic.  I will support measures that protect them, as these small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities.

Invest in solar energy

I will support investing in job training for the jobs of the future. The United States has witnessed remarkable solar growth over the years. Arizona ranks high in its use of solar energy in the nation. As one of the sunniest states, Arizona has great potential for its solar markets. We cannot afford to lose business opportunities that promise to create jobs and subsequently bolster the economy.

We cannot afford to lose business opportunities which would create jobs and grow the economy.

Equal Pay For
Equal Work

The Equality Act provides basic protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, access to public spaces, housing, education, credit, and federal funding. According to Webster’s Dictionary, Equality is defined as “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.” The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) amendment was first introduced in Congress in 1923, and guaranteed equal rights under the law for Americans regardless of their sex. In order for the amendment to be added to the Constitution, it has to be ratified by thirty-eight of the fifty states.

Women as equal citizens

For the second year in a row, the Arizona Legislature has failed to allow a debate on the ratification of the ERA. Republicans have refused to allow a debate on the proposed amendment that broadly guarantees equal rights between men and women. While the Constitution recognizes that all men are created equal, women have been largely discounted and marginalized in their fight for equal treatment. It is time the Constitution acknowledged women as equal citizens of this country. I will support legislation that provides equal pay for equal work.

Women’s economic security

According to research published in an article by The Republic in April 2018, women earn about 82 cents for every dollar earned by a man. I believe this problem is exacerbated when workplace policies exclude women from certain job sectors. These exclusions create persistent disparities in women’s income, wealth, and economic security.

Enact law

Many states have enacted laws for the public and private sector that go beyond what federal law requires; however, Arizona is not one of those states. We need to ensure working parents have paid family and medical leave, flexible use of sick leave, and workplace protections for nursing mothers.

We need to ensure working parents have paid family and medical leave, flexible use of sick leave and workplace protections for nursing mothers.

Take Care of The Earth

Climate change is real and our legislators must champion laws that protect our State. Tackling climate change must be a priority. We have learned that because of climate change, increasingly extreme landscape-level transformations are occurring at a faster rate.
According to climate experts, the southwestern United States is facing an increasingly stressful future with unabated population growth, oversubscribed water resources, and hotter and drier climate. As stewards of the earth, we as humans must take care of it for the sake of ourselves, our future generations, and the planet itself.

Balanced ecosystem

We are facing a drought in Arizona and the public has been kept in the dark and improperly educated about how they can do their part to use water responsibly. We deserve to have clean drinking water for our families, and I will fight to keep big businesses from polluting our water. We cannot continue to put profits ahead of the health and safety of our fellow Americans and neighbors. In addition, we must also protect endangered species to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Natural resource

Arizona is known to have numerous days of sunshine and would benefit from solar energy as a natural resource in our state. Solar energy would deliver power without wasting water. With drought looming, we need to look for new methods to harvest rainwater and stormwater. This would help reduce flood peaks and increase water saving.

Controls surface water and groundwater

Arizona needs to achieve a sustainable water future through effective management that controls surface water and groundwater usage in a manner that can be maintained for an indefinite time, without causing unacceptable environmental, economic, or social consequences. According to the Sierra Club, groundwater pumping and surface diversions have severely and negatively affected major groundwater basins and seriously degraded five of Arizona’s major perennial rivers.

Promote renewable energy

Reduced river flows and deterioration of riparian habitats have a detrimental effect on the water-based recreational activities that significantly contribute to Arizona tourism and bring in billions of dollars in revenue. I will support legislation to protect Arizona’s remaining perennial rivers and springs from groundwater pumping and surface diversions, and sustain environmental flows. I will support legislation to reduce carbon emissions from power plants and promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

I will support legislation that will reduce carbon emissions from power plants and promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The Future Depends On Today’s Education

The quality of our future depends significantly on the quality of today’s education. Those who will solve the world’s toughest problems are the current students spanning this great nation. Educators have never been more vital to our future. However, in today’s climate, both our state and country face serious challenges that prevent teachers from thriving. Young teachers often land in distressed schools that wear their resolve. Many leave the profession entirely, abandoning their valuable talents and  weakening their dedication to a better tomorrow.

Funding for public schools

Funding for our public schools will be my first priority. Education is the cornerstone of any society. Legislatures have systematically defunded public education, setting  schools up  for failure and then pointing to privatized education as the solution. Meanwhile, they have voted NO on every amendment that would level the playing field for our schools.

Fully invest in public education

As a former DREAMer, I know first-hand that public education is the great equalizer. People risk life and limb to come to America because this is the only nation in the world where a person’s socioeconomic class does not determine their ability to reach their full potential. The expansion of Education Savings Accounts (ESA) vouchers will cause the collapse of the public education system. Schools are underfunded and parents are looking to private education as an alternative. The solution is to fully invest in public education so that  schools deliver the quality of education that our children deserve and their parents expect. In addition, ESA’s do not fully deliver on their promise, as low-income families are often unable to  afford the difference in tuition and transportation cost.

Swift changes in our public education

Our children deserve better! They are trusting us to make decisions that will secure their future. There is no excuse for Arizona to be rated near the bottom of the nation in education. I will support swift changes to our public education so that educators are properly supported in the classroom. I will support teacher and educator pay raises, securing school building infrastructures, funding for the arts in the classroom, free kindergarten classes, and quality early education programs.

Meet the needs of our students

The challenges of a pandemic do not negate the obligation to provide our schools with the requisite resources  to meet the needs of our students.  Rather, now is the time to ensure that every child, regardless of their home zip code, receives a quality education.

I will support teacher and educator pay raises, securing school building infrastructures, funding for arts in the classroom, free kindergarten classes, and quality early education programs.