Donations No Longer Accepted

Lynsey Robinson Is No Longer Accepting Donations Because She Is A Clean Election Candidate

Why are you no longer able to donate to Lynsey Robinson?

Lynsey is a clean funding candidate. What does this mean? In short, this means that she is agreeing to forgo special interest and high dollar contributions. As a clean election candidate, her campaign is subject to contribution limits and is prohibited from accepting funds from political action committees (PACs), businesses, corporations, political parties, and labor unions.

Clean candidates may only accept small donations of a maximum of $170 per contributor and must also meet a minimum number of $5 contributions in order to receive the clean funding from the AZ Citizen Clean Elections Commission. Each contributor, in order to qualify, must be registered to vote in Arizona Legislative District 12 where she is currently running for Senate.

If you want to learn more about how the AZ Clean Elections Committee is run, you can refer to their website here.

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