Climate change is real and our legislators must champion laws that protect our State. Tackling climate change must be a priority. We have learned that with climate change, landscape level transformations are happening faster and becoming more extreme. According to climate experts, southwestern United States is facing an increasingly stressful future with unabated population growth, oversubscribed water resources and hotter and drier climate. We as stewards of the earth must take care of the earth for the sake of ourselves, our future generations and the planet itself. We are facing a drought in Arizona and the public has been kept in the dark and not properly educated about how they can help do their part to use water responsibly. We deserve to have clean drinking water for our families and I will fight to keep big businesses from polluting our water. We cannot continue to put profits ahead of the health and safety of our fellow Americans and neighbors. We must protect endangered species to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Arizona is known to have numerous days of sunshine and would benefit from solar energy as a natural resource in our state. Solar energy would deliver power without wasting water. With a drought looming we need to look for new methods to harvest rainwater and storm water. This would help reduce flood peaks and increase water saving.

Arizona needs to achieve a sustainable water future through effective management that controls surface water and groundwater usage in a manner that can be maintained for an indefinite time, without causing unacceptable environment, economic or social consequences. According to the Sierra Club, ground water pumping and surface diversions have severely and negatively affected major groundwater basins and seriously degraded five of Arizona’s major perennial rivers. Reduced river flows and deterioration of riparian habitats have detrimental effect on water based recreational activities that significantly contribute to Arizona tourism which brings in billions of dollars in revenue. I will support legislation to protect Arizona’s remaining perennial rivers and springs from groundwater pumping and surface diversions and sustain environmental flows. I will support legislation that will reduce carbon emissions from power plants and to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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August 4, 2020

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