Arizona’s job growth has fallen below the nation’s national rate. According to The Republic published articled dated January 19, 2017, Arizona gained only 6300 net jobs in December closing 2016, with half the growth seen in 2015 and falling below the nation’s overall pace. In my opinion, the best way to grow the Arizona economy is by properly funding state higher education and allow in-state tuition for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. According to former President Barack Obama, Education is an economic issue when nearly eight in 10 new jobs will require workforce training or higher education by the end of this decade. Education is an economic issue when we know countries that out-educate us today will out compete us tomorrow.

I will support legislation that allow start-ups and small local businesses to obtain the capital they need to grow their business infrastructure because it is vital for the economic growth of our communities. The government should not impose burdensome regulations that inhibit growth of small businesses. One political issue that plays a major role in the success and failures of local communities is the tax laws. The collection of taxes does allow the government to provide critical services to society. However, too high a tax rate can stifle growth. Lowering taxes can, in the right situation, provide many benefits to local communities. Currently, corporations receive billions in tax credits and deductions. Some are effective incentives, but others do nothing to help grow our economy and create high-quality jobs. We need to carefully evaluate all of these revenue reductions as potential revenue for our state. The United States has witnessed remarkable solar growth over the years. Arizona ranks high in its use of solar energy in the nation. As one of the sunniest states, Arizona has huge potential for its solar markets. We cannot afford to lose business opportunities which would create jobs and grow the economy.

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