Blog for Arizona /// October 2019 /// Lynsey Robinson wants to give the People of Legislative District 12 a Different Vision than Eddie Farnsworth’s

“Ms. Robinson, who is now the Second Vice-Chair of the Maricopa County Democratic Party, has decided to run for the Legislative District 12 State Senate seat currently occupied by Eddie Farnsworth, an individual who has come under scrutiny for the self-profiting measures in charter school statutes he helped draft, support, and benefited from before announcing his retirement from the legislature in 2021.”


Gilbert Sun News /// June 2019 /// Farnsworth abused power by blocking ERA vote

“For the third year in a row, Republicans have blocked a debate on the proposed amendment that broadly guarantees equal rights between men and women. While the Constitution recognizes that all men are created equal, women have been left marginalized to fight for equal treatment.”


Blog for Arizona /// March 2019 /// As Teen Suicide in AZ increases, Legislators Must Act

“…Democrat Senator Sean Bowie D-18, sponsored SB1468, which would provide suicide prevention training for guidance counselors, teachers, principals, and school personnel. The bill passed the state House and had its second reading in the Senate. Both East Valley Senators David Farnworth (R) D-16 and Eddie Farnsworth (R) D-12 voted against the bill.”


AZ Capitol Times /// June 2018 /// Dem election plan puts candidate in nearly every race

“Even though her background may not resemble that of the constituents in LD12, Robinson attributes her success to perseverance and a good education, and she said that’s something that will strike a chord with voters in the historically conservative district.”


Blog for Arizona /// October 2018 /// Elizabeth Brown and Lynsey Robinson battle Depraved Hearts, Corruption and Dark Money Republican Interests in Arizona LD 12

“For me, so far, my professional life has been one of public service whether as a teacher or legal aid attorney fighting for those who needed access to justice. I am at home when I am serving others.”


Blog for Arizona /// August 2018 /// Lynsey Robinson will Fight for those Marginalized by Reactionary Conservatives in LD12

“A Clean Elections Candidate, she is running for the State House of Representatives to fight for and serve the poor, the elderly, displaced veterans, and children, who have been marginalized by legislators and officials who only see Dark Money contributions.”


Blog for Arizona /// September 2018 /// What our Democratic Legislative Nominees Said About the Recent Arizona Supreme Court Decisions

“Our political system is a mess because of Dirty Money. Do not let self-dealing, bought politicians rob us of a strong vibrant Arizona. Arizona belongs to all of us not just those with the means to influence policy.”


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