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Lynsey Robinson for Senate LD 12


We don’t need to start over; we simply need to elect a pragmatic advocate leader, who will take the current foundation and BRIDGE THE GAPS by:
Growing the Economy
Advocating for Equality
Protecting the Environment
Supporting Public Education

lynsey robinson newsAs a former DREAMer, teacher and attorney who worked for a non-profit firm I am committed to serving everyone in my community and not just those with the means to influence policy. I am looking to earn your vote on November 3, 2020. We need leaders who put people ahead of politics and who understand that education is the great equalizer. As a product of public education, I understand wholeheartedly the importance of properly funding our public schools. Education will be my first priority. We have a duty to end gun violence in our nation. I believe it begins with pro-active steps such as drastically increasing the counselor to student ratio in our schools.

I support in state tuition for DACA recipients and properly funding higher state education because a well educated population will attract businesses. We can grow the economy ethically by having corporations pay their fair share of taxes while supporting local and small businesses that are vital to our communities.

As stewards of the earth we must pass legislation that holds the planet with the highest regards and shared respect for the other creatures we share it with. Responsible legislation requires that we consider the harm that may come to our fellow Americans/neighbors health and our land, above financial gain.

We can no longer sit back and watch women get marginalized and treated as second class citizens in a first world nation. I will support ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment. I will demand equal pay for equal work, advocate for living wages and support legislation that strengthens the middle-class.

In a representative democracy we must elect leaders who reflect our shared values and the population which they will serve. We need women in office so that issues which are unique to us are regarded with the highest esteem in the legislature. No longer should it be acceptable for lawmakers to kill bills that protect our biology, dignity and sanctity as women.

Vote for me on November 3, 2020 and together we can BRIDGE THE GAPS!

Recent News

Blog for Arizona /// October 2019 /// Lynsey Robinson wants to give the People of Legislative District 12 a Different Vision than Eddie Farnsworth’s

“Ms. Robinson, who is now the Second Vice-Chair of the Maricopa County Democratic Party, has decided to run for the Legislative District 12 State Senate seat currently occupied by Eddie Farnsworth, an individual who has come under scrutiny for the self-profiting measures in charter school statutes he helped draft, support, and benefited from before announcing his retirement from the legislature in 2021.”


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Primary Election
August 4, 2020

General Election
November 3, 2020

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2018 Election For House Endorsements

The time is NOW to finish the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and provide women with the rights that have been denied to them since 1787, when the U.S. Constitution deliberately and explicitly LEFT WOMEN OUT.

We cannot afford to wait any longer. The November elections loom and every woman in this country needs to know EXACTLY where their candidate stands on full legal equality for all Americans.

So much hangs in the balance for American women right now – achieving the final state could not be more urgent. The Equal Rights Amendment will be the first bedrock step in finally putting an end to the oppression of legalized gender discrimination in the United States of America.

Thank you for signing the Equal Means Equal Equality Pledge and for your commitment to vote “yes” on the Equal Rights Amendment. We appreciate you standing publicly with women and girls in affirming that equality under the law is a basic right that must be guaranteed by our government to all Americans.

“I started LEAP Forward with a simple idea: that our citizens should be safe from the irresponsible and reckless use of firearms and that voters deserve to hear from those seeking to represent them when it comes to this important issue.

Fortunately, candidates like Lynsey Robinson understand that gun violence is a political problem that can be solved politically. Lynsey’s support for keeping military weapons out of the hands of civilians, putting barriers between domestic abusers and firearms, and mandating training and licensing for gun owners are part of a strong, clearly stated platform, and LEAP Forward is happy to endorse her candidacy.”

– Charles Yeganian

End Citizens United (ECU) announced today that its state-level project, Fight for Reform, is endorsing Lynsey Robinson in the 12th legislative district of Arizona. This endorsement is a recognition of Lynsey Robinson’s leadership in the struggle to fix our broken political system.

Lynsey Robinson is a clean elections candidate and reaffirmed her commitment to work for transparency in state politics and will never accept contributions from industry, corporate donors & lobbyists as concrete evidence that they will lead by example and fulfill her commitments to the people.

End Citizens United and Fight For Reform as its non-federal arm, are the largest grassroots organization focused on the fight against undisclosed and unlimited money that is corrupting our politics. They are committed to supporting champions who will fundamentally change our political system.

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